Tree Care & Removal in Starkville, MS

Overview of Professional Arborist Services

Trees are a crucial building block of a healthy environment and a beautiful property. They provide clean air, conserve energy, offer shade from the sun, and act as a home and a source of food for many animals and insects. At Tri County Tree Service, we are proud to be the top certified arborists in the Starkville, MS, area and beyond, providing full-service tree care and removal. Read more about our services below, or contact us now to speak with one of our experts or book a free quote.

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Tree Care Services

As certified arborists, we understand the details and secrets behind proper tree care. When you hire Tri County Tree Services, we can help you select a tree that is both aesthetically pleasing, as well as one that will take root in the proper soil conditions. From there, our services extend from selection and planting to maintenance, including mulching, protection measures, trimming and more.

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Tree Health Evaluations

Are your trees looking unwell? It’s hard to know how to diagnose diseases or insect infestations in your trees, and if you wait too long, it might be too late. At Tri County Tree Services in Starkville, MS, we offer a proactive and affordable tree health inspection service that can assess and provide solutions for tree diseases, insect infestations, soil quality, root health, and more. When you partner with the professionals at Tri County, we come up with a plan together.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning branches is necessary for controlling growth, and it’s critical for maintaining tree health in the long run, especially when dead or diseased branches emerge. Our licensed and insured arborists are trained climbers who can reach hard-to-get branches with professional trimming equipment, and they know exactly how to cut branches to encourage and optimize certain types of tree growth.

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Tree Removal

Have a dead tree or trees on your property that you would like in another place? No matter how big or complicated the job, Tri County Tree Services is here for all of your tree removal and felling needs in Starkville, MS. We know exactly how to evaluate jobs and fell trees safely in specified directions. Plus, we can come out and evaluate trees that might threaten your home or property if they fall unexpectedly.

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Stump Grinding & Removal

Need an ugly stump removed or grinded? Tri County Tree Services offers incredible prices on stump removing and grinding with professional equipment. Proper stump grinding helps remediate the soil, creating a fertile environment for new tree growth. And if the location of the stump prevents the use of most grinding and removal tools, we can use non-toxic, eco-friendly methods to catalyze stump decomposition and decay.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

Starkville and the surrounding area in Mississippi is no stranger to heavy rain and intense storms and winds causing branches and trees to fall. The damage can be extensive, but our certified arborists are trained to help you make a plan to safely remove storm-damaged debris and trees. If you need fast and safe tree and branch removal after a storm, contact our 24/7 emergency services today.

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Fertilizing Services

Lawn health and tree health are intimately connected — and the fertilizer you choose for your lawn care can and will affect your trees. A healthy lawn can help your flower beds and trees resist environmental stress factors, such as run-off and erosion. Tri County Tree Services can help you figure out the right type of fertilizer that contains essential nutrients, as well as when and how to apply it to your lawn and the rest of your property.

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Mulching Services

Having trouble with weed prevention in your garden and flower beds? Our mulching services at Tri County Tree Care in Starkville, MS, can help prevent weeds from taking over, as well as strengthen tree roots by moderating ground temperature and increasing moisture retention. We offer delivery and spreading services, or we can simply help you choose which type of mulch is right for your yard.

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When you partner with the experienced team of arborists at Tri County Tree Service, you can trust that your trees will be in good hands. From full-service tree care, including selection, planting, fertilizing, and trimming, to tree and stump removal, we have got you covered. Contact us today to talk with an expert arborist, check out our blog to learn more about tree health and care, or fill out the form below for a free quote.