Trees are an important part of the environment. They help clean the air, conserve energy, provide natural shade, and provide food and shelter for some wild animals and so much more. Planting more trees in your property can help improve the environment drastically. If you want healthy trees, there are a couple of maintenance and care practices that you should employ. The following are some simple tips that you can use for a lifetime of care for trees.

Proper tree selection

Proper tree selection is crucial if you want your trees to flourish. Tree Care In Jackson MS and proper tree selection in general depends on soil type and quality, environmental conditions and landscaping requirements. Some tree species are quite hardy and will grow in almost any environment they are subjected to. Some require specific growth conditions, which can be natural or artificial. Artificial growth conditions include fertilizing the soil to get proper nutrient balance and pH, watering the plants regularly and providing artificial light to promote growth. For most homeowners, it is advisable to use fertilizers to help improve growth conditions for trees.

Proper tree planting

Plating trees properly is also crucial to healthy growth. You need to choose a great planting location away from any structures that may block sunlight or suffer damage by the growing roots of the tree. It is advisable to plant trees in open areas or a little distance away from any construction. Since tree planting is crucial to proper tree establishment, it is advisable to hire a professional tree care service. You can also get planting advice from the supplier where you buy the trees. The tree planting technique will depend on whether the tree has bare roots, is containerized or balled and burlapped. Generally, you should dig a hole deep enough according to tree species planting recommendations and ensure that the tree receives about 25 gallons of water in a week after planting. We are experts in Tree Care In Jackson MS.

Mulching and protecting young trees

The roots of young trees are still delicate and cannot retain too much water at a time. Besides the regular watering intervals, mulching is also important to prevent the roots from drying out and keeping the soil saturated so the roots can continue with slow absorption. You can use leaf compost, lawn clippings or shredded bark to mulch young trees. Mulch also helps to control the growth of weeds naturally. You should avoid volcano mulching, at least three inches thickness of much is enough around the trunk of the tree.

The trunk and branches of a young tree are also quite fragile and newly planted trees should be well protected from wildlife, lawn mowers, weed whackers and anything else that can cause mechanical damage. Installing a trunk guard at the base of the tree usually helps. You can also install deer fencing if there are even greater dangers to the health of the tree.

Tree pruning and trimming

As the tree grows, pruning and trimming is necessary to control growth, remove dead and diseased branches and encourage a lush burst of leaf growth. Proper pruning requires sharp and clean tools that are sanitized in between uses on different trees. Pruning should be done by a professional arborist. They understand all the pruning requirements such as when to dress the wounds, where to put the cut to optimize healing and ensuring that the trees maintains natural shape for structural integrity. Tree pruning is best done during the visible growth years of the tree. Once the trunk and branches become woody, pruning will not be necessary.

Tree trimming takes over once the tree is already well established. Tree trimming can help to shape the canopy of the tree and remove broken diseased or damaged wood. Tree trimming can be done at any time when it is appropriate. However, structural trimming is best done in the dormant season. Contact us today for a free no hassle estimate on Tree Care In Jackson MS.