Many homeowners in the Jackson, MS and Starkville, MS areas rely on our team to handle their tree care in the local area. Tri-county Tree Service has been working with area homeowners for several years in and around Jackson MS. Our skilled team of tree care specialists understand how to handle every type of job from regular care and maintenance to severe storm damage and everything in between. Our team of local professionals understand that there is more than one option for tree service in Jackson so we strive to not only offer the best service but a price that makes sense for your budget.

Three Crucial Types of Tree Services you need to get:

Do you have trees in your garden or property? Then you have probably enjoyed the benefits of having natural shade, windbreaks and beautiful foliage that makes the environment even more aesthetically pleasing. If you want to keep things this way, then regular tree service is essential. Arborists are the professionals who are trained and skilled in handling various tree maintenance issues. The following are three important reasons why you need to call Tri-County Tree Services.

Tree Planting

You cannot just pick any tree and expect it to flourish in your garden. Many factors are put into consideration when choosing the tree to plant and its location. New tree planting requires proper species selection depending on its growth characteristics, the type of soil, the amount of light available, the climate of the area, drainage, pH and even the intended function of the landscape. Tree care professionals know the different tree species that can grow in specific climates and environmental conditions.

Within the first two years of life, trees need a lot of attention. This period determines how well growth will occur once the roots set into the ground properly. Young trees need adequate watering, mulching, fertilization for growth and trimming to achieve the desired growth pattern. During this time, it is advisable to get into a regular schedule with the tree care specialists. After two years, the trees can pretty much grow on their own with a little pruning here and there for disease control and foliage.

Tree Trimming and Disease Control

Once the tree has passed the crucial growth period, there are still a couple of other challenges that may come up. Tree species have varying growth characteristics and calculated pruning and trimming can help them grow in a desired way. Trimming off the top of the tree can encourage a lush sprout of branches and leaves for more dense foliage in most tree species. Trimming the side branches, on the other hand, boosts linear growth making the tree taller.
Tree trimming is also important for disease control. Branches that have been affected by disease or pests may be treated using pesticides. This often depends on the type and extent of infection by the disease. Most tree care professionals will recommend the removal of the affected branches and leaves to avoid spreading to the rest of the tree or to other nearby trees. Dead and diseased branches can be a real danger in large trees as they could fall off to cause serious injury or property damage.

Tree Removal

You should never attempt to cut down a tree if you do not have the proper tools or experience. Tree removal is a dangerous job that should be left to the tree care professionals. We understand the different approaches they can use to remove a tree depending on factors such as tree size, location and nearby structures that need to be avoided. They use various techniques such as sectional tree removal. This technique involves removing branches and bits of the trunk of the tree off its top until the tree is safe to cut down without causing any damage.

After the tree has been removed, the tree stump is left behind and this has to be removed as well. Tree stumps take up space, they can be an eyesore and the tree can grow again if the stump is healthy enough. Stump removal techniques include mechanical removal, stump grinding, chemical treatment or a combination of all the above. Proper tree stump removal will ensure all deep-set roots are detached from the stump to prevent the tree from growing again.

Our professionals are ready to assist you with all your tree care needs!